Fragola Creations. Jewelry company
Robin Hood. Archery Club & Resort. Creation of text part of logotype.
Territory of culture
Veratay. Cosmetic brand
Expothai. Thai products
Cabra. Decorative font
Macadamia Vintage
Erawan. Thai beauty and health centre
Maks Car Rent. Booklets, business cards
Colorado Dad nightclub's site
Thailand Airports. Plans
Fragola Upstairs. Gift certificates
Exchange currency rates. iOS application
Wedding organizer leaflets
Book 'High numerology'
48 hours
La Boucherie. Restaurant. Promotional leaflet
Colorado courtyard
Urfin Jus nightclub's site
Christmas card for City News newspaper
Calenders for trade company SES
Wet wipes for 3D glasses
Advertising image for second hand dress shop
Citytop gas station redesign
Logotype for
Metallogeny of gold of greenstone belts. Monograph
Khrustello. Puffed rice pack
Photoalbum for gold mining company Polyus
Putorana-neft. Search, exploration and production of oil and gas
Siberian Aerospace Academy. Brandbook redesign
Kukuruznik Palochkin. Package for corn sticks
KrasPO site
Specialized magazine 'Raw materials of Krasnoyarsk region'
KrasPO. Software company
Raw materials of Krasnoyarsk region
DIKSS. Event-branded popcorn paper cup
Metelitsa Hotel
Hookah cafe Cape Town
Achinsk confectionery. Design of sweets pack
Cactus restaurant & sports bar Podval. Magazine advertisement
House of good friends
DIKSS. Movie-branded popcorn pack